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Im Club feiern

You want to know something about me?

My name is Hatorihanto.

You can usually find me at festivals and events.

In summer. Dancing under the sun.  Surrounded by euphoric people and great music. Always a grin on your face!

Why this site?

Why not? With this I not only help my friends to finally know when festivals take place and when tickets can be bought, but also you. The more people, the funnier it gets. Or not?

What? You've never been to a festival?

...Then it's about time. You have to have experienced the feeling, the people and good music. And once you've been to a good festival, you always want more. Trust me.

Ah... Had a bad experience with festivals?

I'm sorry for that. It is best to take a good look at the genre of the festival. Then ask yourself whether you would rather go to a large or small festival and whether the concept is something for you. It's no use listening to techno but going to Rock am Ring. Unless you're doing it for friends!

You want to get to know me?

I'm flattered. I'll definitely see you at a festival. look out for me

See you.

- Hatorihanto


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