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7. Dezember 2024




The ground still echoes with the beats of the monumental 13th chapter of TOXICATOR. To all the hardcore souls who united under the strobe lights, thank you for turning TOXICATOR into a pulsating sea of energy. The relentless power that emanated from the three different floors was nothing short of epic, fueled by the passion and enthusiasm you brought to the dance floor.

But TOXICATOR is not just an event; it's a shared experience, a communal bond that transcends the music. Thank you for immersing yourselves in the depths of your souls, for creating undying memories, and for being part of the vibrant tapestry of harder styles culture.

Your passion, energy, and commitment are what make TOXICATOR more than just a night; it's a movement, a celebration of the harder styles spirit. Together, we ignited the toxic fire, and the flames of unity will continue to burn brightly in our hearts.


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