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Lighthouse Festival South Africa

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2. März 2024




ten years _ about us

when we started LHF in 2013, the ‘festival’ part was a sheer exaggeration. it was a mere getaway for a like-minded Viennese crowd that wanted to take the spirit of the former ‘pratersauna’ in Vienna to a next level, dancing seaside and marvel at sunsets while enjoying their best life.

we were less than ten people in production, had no cars, no trucks, no production company behind us and transported everything on the festival grounds by bike or by foot.

but whoever was there will be able to testify that the spirit already prevailed. electronic music on vacation are our guide words, our aphorism that carried us and our vision since the first installment.

since then, much has changed – we grew by many times, teamed up with a production company, professionalized us and our cooperation with our partner Valamar and continuously explored all the possibilities the Lanterna peninsula had and has to offer.

even though it always been our intention to grow and improve, celebrating our 10th anniversary with you makes us more than proud and happy. as covid hit two years ago, many festivals were canceled and not few went bankrupt. we had the great fortune of having hundreds of you supporting us with holding their ticket. not many festivals have a crowd that devoted – your trust and loyalty gave us the chance and the courage to not only go on, but to go on harder.

let the countdown begin!


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Lighthouse Festival South Africa

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