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Garbicz Festival

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31. Juli 2024

Electro, Techno




The fields of Garbicz are guarded by ancient entities. Gigantic oaks and birch trees, some over 500 years old, have witnessed the past and are patiently awaiting the future. Their colossal roots spread out like veins, holding the sandy soil while canopies shelter generations to come.

Surrounding a clear lake formed by a Polish glacier, countless species of trees thrive here. Young and old, together they grow strong while their diversity is the key to a healthy community.

These oaks, the green Gods of nature, were the first we saw here in Poland. We arrived in Garbicz, dragged by an irresistible pull, with an unmistakable feeling that something greater brought us here. They called us and invited us to gather near the village, be welcomed like family and respectfully share what life gives. This we are truly grateful for.

“The tree of life is growing where the spirit never dies”

Let these trees guide and protect us, let diversity make our community stronger. Come with us to Garbicz, embrace nature and keep the spirit alive.

Welcome to Garbicz Festival!


It is, we believe, a magical place that can lead to a real connection with the Earth and your relation to it.

For this to happen, we want you to really embrace what we’ve created and implemented on the site.

Our approach is based on the waste pyramid. Firstly, we try to avoid as much artificial material as possible. No plastic is sold on the site. If you really need some, just find the nearest ocean and jump in it – you will find enough there. Joking aside, we really hate plastic and would ask you to avoid bringing any here if possible.

The dishes and cutlery at the Food Court are compostable bioplastics. The water from the pipes is pure and drinkable. Try to bring your own drinking vessels. Bring your own cutlery and plates.

We try to recycle materials as much as possible, in particular building materials. What remains as rubbish we dispose of according to local regulations. That is why we separate everything into glass, cardboard and residual waste.

The lake and the water play a special role in Garbicz. The lake is part of a coherent network of protected areas within the European Union (Natura 2000) and requires special attention. Therefore, the entry of cosmetic products in the water is strictly prohibited. That means no sunscreen or soap.

No human waste in the water or the Garbicz monster will eat you alive.

There is a horde of people with rubbish bags. They are the ‘Conscious Team’. They give their time to do something good to the earth and to liberate you from your inner pollution by un-polluting around you.

Help them please!


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Garbicz Festival

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295,00 €

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