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Pavoia Festival

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6. Juni 2024

Techno, House, Melodic



"PÂVOIA - roots we continue to build.

In March of 2020 the whole world suddenly pressed pause and stopped. Stopped moving, stopped gathering, stopped living - and stopped dancing. In a time characterized by uncertainty, separation and isolation PÂVOIA was born to keep up a spark that connects all of us. Citizens from across the globe came together to start a journey that will continue and outgrow the challenging time it has arisen from. PÂVOIA had the vision of creating something unique for the people we love. Our dream was to connect humans from different cities and various circles to purely follow one goal: celebrate life and escape the known. Little did we know what to expect, but we knew we will connect the loveliest people you can ever imagine, to create memories and connections that will last for lifetimes. For the fourth year we will now have the opportunity to celebrate our vision in one of the dreamiest, mystical and most exotic locations we have ever stepped foot in. Meet our Polish garden of Eden and the basis for many shared memories for decades to come. Suited right next to the world famous Garbicz lake shortly after the polish border right in the heart of a wonderful nature, we have found and transformed this hidden gem, its unreal outdoor space and the surroundings into a new world of PÂVOIA. An incredible old estate with an endless garden and connecting forest with unlimited and unrestricted ways to explore the surroundings. The house itself is a masterpiece and perfectly suitable for our getaway, it shelters a full and insane club on the first floor, and a dark and mysterious basement, which creates a surreal dance floor with a unique underground vibe. Nestled around a dreamy lake and enclosed in thick forest the incredible outdoor space, full of vibrant energy and nature gives us room to expand and build amazing projects over the years and serves to our highest musical and dance floor ambitions almost around the clock. The gorgeous house will not only serve as a place where we can come together to dance and mingle, cool down and hydrate but also gives us space to rave in the basement until there is no tomorrow. We will continue to improve the infrastructure of the house and its surroundings year after year to provide the most comfortable, exclusive and unique experience out there. See you on the other side!"


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275,13 €


Pavoia Festival

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275,13 €

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